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  1. Find Us                       : 3 stores at prime locations, there's bound to be one
                                          near you. 

  2. Pop in-store               :  Just come in with the cheque you would like to cash
                                          (don't forget to bring your ID!)

  3. Get your Cash           :  If our requirements are met, we will cash your cheque;
                                          and you could receive your money straight away, minus a
                                          percentage of the cheque and a small handling fee

Cheque cashing requirements

  1. Be at least 18 years old (customers under 18 require a guarantor)

  2. Be an Ontario resident.

  3. Bring Valid Photo IDs. 
    ( 1 Government Issued Photo ID and 1 Signature ID. Health Card Not Accepted )

  4. Proof of address may also be required



business Cheque requirements


Along with the above mentioned requirements, following additional documents are required to cash a Business Cheque.


  1. Documents of Business Incorporation with ID’s of beneficial owner(s) along with all the owner(s). The Owner should be present in person to endorse & cash the cheque.

  2. Every owner’s two (2) Valid Id’s.

    (1 Government Issued Photo ID and 1 Signature ID. Health Card Not Accepted ).


  • Ontario Driver’s License

  • State-Issued ID (Ontario ID)

  • Permanent Resident Card

  • Passport

  • Canadian Citizenship Card with photo

  • Or, if you have any other valid and acceptable ID, inform to our staff .

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